pure massage - Relax. Balance. Renew.
           pure massage is owned and operated in West Linn, Oregon  by Kyle Crane L.M.T. As a provider of  therapeutic and relaxation massage. I am  here to assist you in achieving greater levels of physical and mental well being. 
If you are looking for a massage experience where you are respected, honored, listened to, and cared for by a skilled compassionate professional, seek no further.             
                 " The body and mind are a garden. Given the proper care they flourish"
Top 10 Reasons to Get a Massage
massage- resets the stress cycle by enhancing relaxation
- eases sore muscles strained from from overuse or exercise 
- elevates mood by releasing "feel good" endorphins
- enhances immune functioning
- reduces toxins stored in muscle tissue
- improves circulation of lymph and cardiovascular systems
- reduces recovery time of muscles
- increases and overall function
- alleviates low back pain
- eases symptoms and frequency of headaches
To experience greater levels of well being contact                                 503-545-2536

*To provide comprehensive for my greatest asset you my client. I am excited to announce that pure massage has become an affiliate of the following trusted companies. Please feel free to click on the banners below.
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